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What does 
mean to Gamma Phi Beta?

Recruitment is the most exciting time of the year for our chapter. We believe that our sisterhood grows in the best way possible during this process. Our members have the opportunity to reflect on some of our best memories and experiences, be present with one another, strengthen our core values, and cherish what it means to be a Gamma Phi Beta.

Recruitment means we are welcoming a new group of women who will continue to uphold the ideals and purposes the women before us have created. We will always hold recruitment dear to our hearts, as we watch our new members truly find who they are within our chapter.

Round 1 - Introductions

During Round 1, Potential New Members will be introduced to all 19 sororities over the course of two days and UGA Panhellenic as a whole. Each event lasts for 20 minutes and is composed of music, clapping and singing. By the end of this round, Potential New Members will have a glimpse into what it means to
go Greek.

Round 2 - Philanthropy

Philanthropy Round is dedicated to learning about each sorority's philanthropic contributions locally and nationally. A video will be shown at each sorority that highlights their events to raise money, and to showcase their sisterhood. Our philanthropy is Building Strong Girls through Girls on the Run. Potential New Members will have the opportunity to visit up to 14 chapters for 25 minutes each. 

Round 3 - House Tours

IMG_7320 2.JPG
Potential New Members will be shown around each sorority house during this round. You will be provided more insight into what each house has to offer and goes more in depth about their sisterhood. We love sharing the memories each of us have made throughout our time spent in the house. Potential New Members will have the opportunity to visit up to 8 houses for 30 minutes each.

Round 4 - Preference

IMG_7066 2.JPG
Preference Round is when you will see how much our chapter has given us - a legacy that will last a lifetime, and a sisterhood that will always remain true and constant. This round is very special to us, as we openly show you how much we value our chapter through ritual. At Gamma Phi Beta, you will find individuality, kindness, love, compassion, and so much more. Potential New Members will have the opportunity to visit up to 2 houses for 50 minutes each.

Bid Day

Bid Day is filled with so much excitement as we welcome home each of our newest members! We always look forward to this day as a chapter because we love seeing our chapter grow. We are so excited to welcome home our new pledge class this fall!


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